Polish 2nd Corps visit Brandon (1946)

Polish Army disembark in Brandon, 1946 …

Following the end of the Second World War there was a large settlement of Polish ex-servicemen into Brandon.  They have since been credited with restoring the weekly market in the years following the war and many created their own businesses which are still thriving today.  Today, generations later, many of their descendants remain in the town.  Here are two photos, from Victor Lukaniuk, showing the Polish 2nd Corps, coming into Brandon, in 1946.  You may make out the railway station, although it has changed much since the photo was taken.

Do you have any info, photos, anecdotes, or anything else, that relates to the Polish settlement in Brandon after the war?  Brandon Heritage Centre is keen to create a display on this subject, so please contact us and let us know.  Thank you.