In the Heritage Centre we have a few reference books which are freely available for visitors to read through.  Please just ask a member of staff to assistance.  Most of the books have a local interest, but some focus on Brandon’s heritage.  The books cannot leave the Heritage Centre, but can be read during your visit, so if you want to reserve one ready for your visit then just let us know.  Below is the list of books held in the library.

Archaeological Field Survey Report, Lingheath Farm, Brandon Suffolk, Trevor Pearson
Brandon (Manitoba), a prospect of a city Mary Hume
Brandon & District Chamber Of Trade Directory 1995
Brandon At War, Memories of the Second World War Darren Norton
Brandon Burial Ground Peter Hurrell
Brandon Heritage Centre presents Anglo Saxon Brandon
Brandon Notes B.A.M. Lingwood
Firefighting in Suffolk, pre-1948 Graham Saward
Flint, The Versatile Stone H.J. Mason
Forestry Commission (research)
Forestry Commission Publications
From Flints To Fireplaces C.E. Newell
Grimes Graves Ministry of Public & Building Works
Grimes Graves (1984) Department of the Environment
Lost property – trials & tribulations of a provincial Estate Agent Jason Whichelow
Masters of Flint A.J. Forrest
Mr Grass The Gamekeeper David S.O. Jones
Old Ordnance Survey Map 1903
Post-Medieval Lime Kiln, at the former Mounts Pit, Thetford Road, Brandon (2011)
The Church In The Forest (Santon Downham) Cannon John Fitch (Rector 1970-80)
The History Of Weeting Castle Weeting History Group
The Parish Churches Of Brandon Ferry, Santon Downham And Santon
The Suffolk Dialect Of The 20th Century A.D.D. Claxton
Thetford Forest, Lynford Forest Trail
This Is Our Church, A brief history and guide to St. Peter’s Brandon
150th Anniversary, Norwich – Ely – London (railway) R.S. Joby
A Companion Guide To East Anglia John Seymour
A Directory Of 19th & 20th Century Suffolk Breweries C.R. Bristow
A Fenman Remembers E.P. Brand
A Heritage Of Anglian Crafts G.M. Dixon
A Little Learning (1981) The Suffolk Review
A Memento From Old England Winifred Spinks
An Introduction To The Black Fens H.J. Mason
Anglo Saxon Cambridgeshire Alison Taylor
Arthur Mee’s Norfolk Arthur Mee
Background To Breckland H.J. Mason & A McClelland
Bells & Bellringing In Suffolk R.W.M. Clousons & G.J.W. Pipe
Benches & Stalls in Suffolk Churches John Agate
Brandon 1789, a village fire John E Basham
Brandon: A City (Manitoba, Canada)
British Tokens And Their Values Peter Senby
By Rail To Mildenhall, The story of the Cambridge to Mildenhall railway Peter Turner
Council for British Archaeology (Anglia), Bulletins 28-37 (1984-1995)
Curtsy To The Lady (Horringer) Zoe Ward
Davenport’s Norwich George Nobbs & Hamilton Wood
Discovering Walks In Suffolk John Andrews
East Anglia Hammond Innes
East Anglia By Rail, 1984
East Anglian Coast & Waterways Robert Simper
East Anglian Folklore & Other Tales W.H. Barratt & R.P. Garrod
East Anglian Village & Town Signs Ursula Bourne
East Coast Shipwrecks C.R. Temple
Ely, Cathedral City And Market Town Mike Rouse & Reg Holmes
Essex Library, Country Doctor Geoffrey Barker
Fen Country Edward Storey
Fenland Mole Catcher Arthur Randall
Fenland River Rodney Tibbs
Fenwomen Mary Chamberlain
Flintlock Guns And Rifles F. Wilkinson
Forest Heath
Gun Collecting Geoffrey Boothroyd
Guns Frederick Wilson
Historic Houses And Gardens Of East Anglia National Trust
How We Lived At Barton Mills 700 Years Ago J.T. Munday
In Breckland Wilds W.G. Clarke
In Service, Rose Gibbs Remembers
Index of Beneficiaries in Wills 1847-57 Suffolk Family History Society
Industry Thrives In West Suffolk, 1950s
Knights On Suffolk Brasses T.M. Felgate
Life in Norfolk C.M. Dixon & M.G. & H.J. Harland
Look Back In Anglia Album Mary Basham
Medieval Floor Tiles In Suffolk Churches David Sherlock
Memoirs Of A Fenland Mole Catcher Bill ‘Pop’ Bowles
Memoirs Of A Suffolk Childhood D.C. Rayson
MildenhalL Town Trail F.H.D.C.
Mildenhall, 500,000 Years Ago Nick Ashton & Phil Dean
Monastic Life In Norfolk And Suffolk J.W. Wilton
Mundane Matters Richard Norman
Norfolk Bernard E. Dorman
Norfolk Churches H.O. Mansfield
Norfolk Places Jane Hales
Norfolk Year Jane Hales
North Sea Surge, The story of the East Coast floods of 1953 Michael Pollard
Our Fenland Heritage Douglas Stone
Portrait Of The Fens Ann Bigg & Judith Gill
Prehistoric Cambridgeshire Alison Taylor
Rails Across Breckland R.S. Joby
Restoration Of Windmills & Windpumps In Norfolk The Norfolk Windmill Trust
Sailing Fishermen, in old photographs Colin Elliot
Saints In Suffolk Churches John Solomon
Simpson’s Flora Of Suffolk
Smugglers of the Suffolk Coast Leonard P. Thompson
Steam Fishermen, in old photographs Colin Elliot
Strawberry Fayre Shildrick Johnson
Suffolk Churches
Suffolk County Handbook
Suffolk Towns (1982) The Suffolk Review
Suffolk Yesterday Allan Jobson
Talk Of An Era (Croxton, Kilverstone & Barnham) R.D. Clover
The Anglo Saxons Barbara Yorke
The Dead Moon, Tales from East Anglia and the Fen Country Kevin Crossley-Holland
The East Wind, An unusual guide to Norfolk Jane Hales
The Farm And The Village George Ewart Evans
The Farming Year In Suffolk
The Fenland Story, from prehistoric time to the present day W.E. Dring
The Heath, The Brecks & The Fens
The History Of Borough Fen Decoy Tony Cook & R.E.M. Pilcher
The Icknield Way Anthony Bulfield
The Lark Navigation, The barges route to Bury by way of Mildenhall D.E. Weston
The Monastic Setting Of Ely Mac Dowdy
The Norfolk We Live In
The North Sea Men John Leather
The Peddars Way Bruce Robinson
The Real Maria Marten (Red Barn murder) Terry Deary
The St. Edmund Way, A walk across Suffolk Jean & John Andrews
The Story Of Feltwell, parts 1 & 2 A.J. Orange
The Suffolk Records Society (1957 – 2007)
The Two Counties Of Suffolk Richard Burn
Thetford’s River, A guide for teachers
Tour Through The Eastern Counties Daniel Defoe
Traditions Of East Anglia Robert Simper
Victorian Bury St. Edmunds In Photographs
Water Transport In Norfolk