Embroidered shield by Paulina Zelke

So Anna McInnes visited the centre today and while she was talking about her parents she mentioned her mother spent many evenings embroidering a ‘shield’ for Breckland Middle School.  Anna’s mother, Paulina Zelke, helped out at the school and the embroidery project consumed much of her mother’s spare time.  Anna described the shield – an open book, school emblem.  This all looked very familiar.  In fact it reminded us of something in a box donated by Breckland Middle School before it changed over to become IES Free School.  Once retrieved from the archive it was shown to Anna.  How exciting for all concerned to hear it was exactly the same object and Anna was then holding something her mother had held decades ago.  For the centre we can now add a story to the embroidered shield.  Not only does it have the obvious connection to Breckland school, but it is also connected to the Polish community.  Thank you Anna for this fantastic insight.

Anna McInnes holding the shield her mother made.