Perhaps the best indicator of how Brandon has changed over the year, and continues to change, are the buildings and streets in town.  Walk down the High Street and see if you can spot the stages of development over the centuries.  Which look similar, possibly from the same era, which look older and which are new additions.  Throughout town there are buildings from Medieval to modern.  The population has exploded in the past few decades, and new development adds more buildings, but you can still see the old ones.  Postcards from a hundred years ago help us to see them clearer, and also show was once here but is now gone.

So within these pages you will see photos of High Street, London Road, Market Hill, the Railway Station, Town Street, the Avenue, and many other scenes.  Perhaps you have some expert knowledge about these scenes?  Such as the lie of the land before enclosure, how streets were developed, the businesses that came and went?  If so then please do contact us so we can feature this information on our web pages and complement the images.