Brandon houses

Leon Rings
Americans were billeted in the County Park house and when they left in the sixties the building began to fall into disrepair. During the period standing idol I was able to access the building and remember being impressed with the large stairway leading to the upper floors. Even more impressive were the large fungi protruding beneath the ceiling line! It was sold to a builder from Bungay for the pricey some of £1 with proviso. Between the park house and Desmond's cottage/rangers on the open area stood a row of small dwellings still with their cookers in place again used for USA servicemen. The front of these dwellings had a veranda which was supported by cut trees without reaching boughs. The railings can still be seen in place today, embedded into the tree trunks where the boundary to those buildings was. Looking closely at the fence you will see gate posts were the entrance gates once were placed.
Marvin Beau Trawick U.S. serviceman stationed at R.A.F. Lakenheath
I remember driving the base buses and transporting the GI's and families to the Brandon House in the 1968 -1970 time frame. I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath 1968 through 1971.