London Road

London Road reaches from the High Street then toward Mildenhall as part of the B1065.  At it northern point, between High Street and the Flowerpot, it was once known as ‘White Walk’ for reasons not yet known.  At its southern end, on the edge of town, it disappears into what is known as Mile End.  Its main development was on the approach to High Street, where there were once a Police Station, Wesleyan Chapel, many shops and the Flowerpot public house, which were all made of flint.  There was also a building to house the Fire Brigade’s pump.

Brenda Pearson Field Brandon resident
I don't know how many people will remember Otto. I think he was German and he lived in a little cottage where Mark Skinner's place is now, on the London Road. He used to mend clocks and watches, charging a small fee to do so. He was a tiny little man but with a big personality. He had a cuckoo clock on the wall in his cottage, which I was fascinated by, but not sure now if he said he mended it or made it. He was very clever at mending clocks. I know there was more than one cottage there, which had a huge apple tree as well. Otto used to put some apples in a bag for me.